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France and Paris at your home!


You are going to study in France, work with French people or in Brussels or in a French speaking country? Start learning French online with a native French teacher in Paris. Practice your language online, meet your teacher and other students - like in the physical classroom.


Get the flexibility of an online class from your home or from your office. Online classes have a high intensity level, knowledge is enforced. You exchange and watch your teacher, as well as other students, like if you were in class.

You will learn the basic skills to find quickly your way around in France (Effort on acquiring communication skills):

  • Survival basic grammatical skills

  • Understanding (dialogues, speeches, fictions)

  • Interactive speaking and Pronunciation to make your speech more fluid, communication

  • Culture

If you want to sign up, please take the LEVEL LANGUAGE TEST: we will contact you for an online short meeting. It will help us to evaluate your level and find your French courses.

Do you need more information? Do not hesitate to contact us.